• Campaign Research
  • Pre-Campaign Testing
  • Pre-Campaign Testing Evaluation
  • Pre-Campaign Testing Refinement
  • Campaign Roll-Out
  • Campaign Monitoring and Optimization



Mario Andreis

Address: Branimirova 47, Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: +38598355493

Email: maanst@pair.com

Do you want to reach your customer base? Do you want to increase your sales and market share? Do you want to lower your customer acquisition cost and increase your profit margin? Then test small, optimize your campaigns and then Skyrocket your Sales and Profits.

We find targeted audience for your products and services. We do a research, make tests and conduct campaigns. As a result, you reach customers at the lowest cost possible.  

Lower the risk of:

  1. Ad impression discrepancies
  2. Non-human agents traffic
  3. Late and inaccurate creatives
  4. Wrong data interpretation

Dear Friends!
Let us do the hardest job online for you! Let us get you people who will convert into your customers at the lowest price possible.